Week 15 Dec. 3 - Dec. 7

Weekly Notes from 4th Grade Week 2

Weekly Notes from 4th Grade

I am excited about having the students use Chromebooks in the classroom, and I think the students are too. We used them every day this week. We used them for English lessons in Nearpod and getting our Google Classrooms set up.  I think we are on the roll.

We are progressing along in our subject areas.

Religion, we will have our Religion test this week.  For our first Religion test, I allowed the students to use their books.  I want them to see what the Religion test looks like so they will be prepared for upcoming Religion tests.

Vocabulary test will be this Friday.

Students need to log into Quizet.com and create a userid and password. Please make sure that you child knows his or her account, userid, and password, so when they come to class, they can log into Quizlet.com.

You may join my Quizlet Classroom by going to this link:


Reading, last week, we read a story and determined the problem, the actions, and then the solution. Students are doing nicely following this flow. Friday, September 13th, we will be celebrating our Summer Reading with Mrs. Main.

A few students did not complete homework or forgot to bring completed homework back to school. This past week was their grace week. Starting on Tuesday, if students do not bring homework back to school or homework is not complete, I will send an email to document missing work.

Green folders came home this past Friday.  I stapled all of their work together.  Please review your child’s work, sign it, and return it in the green folder.  I will keep the papers for the nine weeks and then return them after report cards go out. Thanks! I know this is a little different from previous years.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many Blessings,

Mrs. Rony



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